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Thumb a vision for the aging church

Former professor and author James Houston and gerontologist Michael Parker look at the elderly...

Thumb national caregivers library
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With the demographic shift of large numbers of Americans reaching retirement age and beyond there...

Thumb falling upward

The message that “falling” is the way to spiritual growth can seem counterintuitive. Yet, in this...

Thumb parent talk

Being the caregiver for one’s aging parents means navigating emotional and practical challenges....

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Persons who are 50 and older represent three or more distinct stages of adult life, from the...

Thumb safe sanctuaries

Elder abuse can happen to anyone who relies on another person or institution for some aspect of...

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Thumb pilgrimage into the last third of life

Growing old needn’t be feared. In fact, the age of 60 and beyond can be ripe with purpose and joy...

Thumb living fully dying well

Prayerful planning for the eventualities of old age and death is a key to facing older life...

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Decades ago, Rabbi Richard Address saw a “revolution of longevity” on the horizon, and knew the...

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What can congregations do to make their facilities safe and accessible for elderly participants?...