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December 11, 2015

Your Local Community – Abundant Possibility | CRG - Blog

Public Ministry

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April 19, 2016

Young Adults and Your Congregation


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January 24, 2018

The Unique Experience of Church Planting

Congregational Vitality

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One challenge faced by many congregations is the meaningful integration of public ministries of...

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As a scholar and professor, Ram Cnaan had long recognized the scarcity of social science research...

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Is your congregation more engaged than ever with your local community? If so, it could well mean...

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Heuertz, former director of Word Made Flesh, and Pohl, a theologian and ethicist at Asbury...

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Beginning with a discussion of the growth of the prison population in the United States, this...

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Powell, executive director of the Fuller Youth Institute (FYI) and a faculty member at Fuller...

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Need help? Chat with an expert!

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This surprisingly user-friendly section of the Internal Revenue Service website offers useful...

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Integrating stewardship into worship can be a challenge, and David Mosser has compiled some...

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This informative, straightforward 2 minute video is a simple introduction to missional church...

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If your congregation wants a missional presence in your neighborhood, check out this list of...

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