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Is your congregation planning something new? If so, there are five key questions you can ask yourself and the group with which you are working. The five questions apply to almost every kind of...

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How does your congregation use Facebook? If you are a clergyperson, do you manage Twitter or Instagram for ministry? How about Pinterest or Snapchat or YouTube?

An instrument for...

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Planned giving doesn’t need to be a complicated challenge for your congregation. By following these principles, your congregation can start securing the financial future of your...

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Large new life through shared ministry

This resource examines the shared ministry system as a way for congregations to support lay leaders and develop a collaborative ministry.

Large sustainable youth ministry

This resource acts as a guide for congregations struggling with youth ministry, presenting a systemic approach to developing a healthy youth ministry, starting with finding the right minister. ...

Large mutualministry

This article will guide congregations in discerning what process or method to employ in new community focused efforts.

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This resource turns to scripture for examples of people who encountered and overcame difficult circumstances, extracting lessons of encouragement and hope for young people with similar struggles...

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This blog post discusses things to think about when considering a nonprofit starup.

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This bestseller offers a leadership model that can be applied to a ministry setting, one that shifts away from individual performance and focuses on the collective leadership team.

Large gifts of a small church

This book offers a look inside the world of the small church, paying a tribute to the thousands of Christians who live, breathe, and sustain their faith in the small church.

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This brief article offers common sense advice that can help any congregation welcome and engage young adults.

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This resource offers discussion questions and two-minute exercises to supplement a comprehensive guide on five disciplines critical for accomplishing meaningful work in ministry.

Large how your cong learns

This resource lays out a process for congregational leaders to move from identifying a challenge to solving the issue, a transition that takes form in the learning journey.

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