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December 11, 2015

Public Ministry

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August 25, 2016

Religion in America

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Is your congregation more engaged than ever with your local community? If so, it could well mean that you have more questions than ever. How do you assess the needs of your neighborhood? How do you...

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As a scholar and professor, Ram Cnaan had long recognized the scarcity of social science research on congregations: who they are, how they are defined, and what role they play in their contexts. In...

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Beginning with a discussion of the growth of the prison population in the United States, this article addresses the reasons for congregations to become involved with outreach to prisoners, from a...

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Carter and Patrick are experienced urban church planters and mega-church pastors. Yet, they realize that the urban witness of the church is struggling under the changes of contemporary culture....

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This website helps parishes “find resources about living as communities of salt and light.” The foundation of the site is the statement of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops...

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GenerationOn is the youth division of the 1989 President George H.W. Bush Points of Light initiative. As such, GenerationOn seeks to empower children and youth to grow into being community leaders,...

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Providing concrete suggestions for congregations seeking to become more involved in social outreach, this resource was produced by Hartford Seminary’s Faith Communities Today and the Cooperative...

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Community ministry takes many forms in congregations. One form of community ministry focuses on mutual relationships. Engaging with (not for) people in your local community is a meaningful way...

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Positive deviance is an asset-based approach used to address many social challenges. It has been used in third world countries. It has been employed by those trying to solve United States inner...

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The intervention called positive deviance asserts that the solution to any problem is hidden in plain sight. For every unsolvable problem, the solution already exists within the community. It is a...

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