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What is Planned Giving?

Planned giving refers to financial or other material donations designated to a congregation in advance as part of a donor’s overall lifetime and testamentary giving. Planned gifts have tax implications and are most often transmitted through a will, trust or annuity.

Get Started with a Gift Acceptance Policy


Center for Congregations Director Wendy McCormick explains how the gift acceptance policy is crucial to planned giving and fundraising.

Thumb beyond fundraising


Beyond Fundraising covers all aspects of congregational stewardship and fundraising in short, practical chapters. It targets Unitarian congregations and assumes that tradition’s governance, but the...

Thumb horizons


This fundraising company, based in Arkansas, has a staff of consultants who provide a wide range of strategic ministry and stewardship planning services, led by Dr. J. Clif Christopher, United...

Thumb local church planned giving manual

web resource

This is a very practical resource from the United Church of Christ, designed to help congregational leaders develop and manage a congregational Planned Giving ministry. It includes key information...

Thumb transforming stewardship


Written for an Episcopal Church audience, this thorough guide to stewardship as it’s been practiced has relevance for other denominations as well, particularly as it considers what the future might...

Thumb christian stewardship network


The Christian Stewardship Network was developed by stewardship ministers of large membership churches, with a mission to “…connect stewardship pastors and leaders and help them be the absolute best...

Thumb stewardship services


Integrating stewardship into worship can be a challenge, and David Mosser has compiled some outstanding resources to help congregations focus on this aspect of their worship and life together....

Thumb ecumenical stewardship center


The Ecumenical Stewardship Center is a large Christian-based network organized for the purpose of growing stewards for congregations. Its primary focus is to grow and equip Christian leaders using...

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web resource

Luther Seminary’s extensive online database of stewardship resources includes articles, reviews of books and films, bible studies, and resources for worship, including sermons. Robust theological...

Thumb crafting a theology


Beginning from the premise that in order to be fruitful, all ministry must be clearly grounded in a consistent theological worldview, this short e-book offers a very readable theological reflection...

Thumb stewardship ministry

web resource

Offering a variety of studies, interactive lessons, and content for worship, the Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod’s Stewardship Ministry is a good foundation for stewardship education and...

Thumb teach stewardship

web resource

The Church of the Nazarene provides many resources for congregational stewardship activities, from models for teaching all age groups, to comprehensive themed kits for annual campaigns and sermon...

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This four-day conference is sponsored by the International Catholic Stewardship Council (ICSC), a ministry of the Roman Catholic Church. “ICSC is the only organization dedicated exclusively to...

Thumb the stewardship companion


This short book, designed for use as a reference, provides lectionary resources tied to stewardship, for the design of rich worship and preaching that engages the congregation on these issues,...

Thumb giving and stewardship


"Two things are true of congregations," writes Kennon Callahan in this classic book on stewardship. "Congregations never have enough money.” And “Congregations have all the money they really need...

Thumb stewardship for vital congregations


The need to raise money can act as a catalyst for thinking about a congregation’s purpose. Pastor and author Tony Robinson has created a book that can be used by congregations to connect purpose...

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The Episcopal Network for Stewardship (TENS) names its own purpose as “inspiring generosity and faithful discipleship.” TENS provides training for clergy, seminarians, lay leaders, and...

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There are many books on the topic of generosity and financial stewardship for congregations, including several good ones by Scott McKenzie and his colleagues at Horizon Stewardship. This book...

Thumb panel discussion preaching

web resource

The topic of stewardship encompasses more than money, but this panel discussion by preachers, teachers and denominational leaders focuses on the financial aspect because it is the area preachers...

Thumb christians in an age of wealth


Part of Zondervan’s “Biblical Theology of Life” series, this book offers an evangelical theological framework for understanding Christian approaches to wealth, stewardship, and responsibility....

Thumb not your parents offering plate


The founder of Horizons Stewardship Company, Clif Christopher, presents this highly readable invitation to congregations to reconsider how they do fundraising. This is not a book about tithing, the...

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