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Many elements make you the person you are. You are shaped by your race, your geographic location, and your genetic structure. Your personality is formed by your family,...

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This resource presents a new method of oral storytelling to connect teens with the Bible, encouraging young people to find their own place in God's ongoing story.

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Through this website, decade-long ministry pastor and master storyteller Tom Boomershine and his colleagues provide practical tools for biblical storytelling for Christian educators, worship...

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This organization offers online resources and a conference to bring together storytelling scholars and foster the practice of oral scripture presentation.

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This book contains dozens of brief, expert articles about how to communicate ideas inside and outside the congregation.

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This collection of essays by various congegational consultants helps congregations re-envision themselves to recover a narrative that will help reach their full potential.

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This resource argues for a return to a congregational "culture of intergenerationality," presenting their approach through biblical, theological, theoretical, and anecdotal lenses.

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SALT Nashville is a visual worship conference and a one-of-a-kind event. Its name reflects the conference purpose-to train worship leaders how to use art as salt and preserve the gospel for today’s...

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Published by the Calvin Institute of Christian Worship, this article discusses the challenge of integrating public ministries of the church with the weekly rhythm of worship.

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This guide shares practicle information add crowdfunding as a stewardship strategy.

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This article looks at the unique challenges and opportunities in the African American faith community regarding questions of evangelism and outreach.

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