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July 13, 2017

Congregational Vitality, Leadership

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June 6, 2018

Leadership, Care Ministries

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Fortune 500 consultant Dianna Booher offers valuable communication advice highlighting how to communicate responsibly and effectively to make others understand and respond with good work and good...

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W. Craig Gilliam, director of The Center for Pastoral Effectiveness for the Louisiana Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church, works with churches that are experiencing conflict. His...

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If you are on a worship committee and you want to collaborate with staff on the design for worship, this book will prove useful for you. Likewise, if you are either a music leader or a pastor who...

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What does it take to have an effective urban ministry? These authors argue for a holistic approach (mind/body/spirit) and excellent strategic planning. The inclusion of the eight following core...

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Large capital campaigns strategies that work

Now in its fourth edition, this book is a standard for those planning a capital campaign, and seeking to learn about the components, potential, and best practices from an experienced practitioner....

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Project management is not just a means to effective outcomes. It is a leadership strategy that creates a cooperative culture by giving responsibility to many people. Spreading the work around also...

Large strategies for educating

The history of African American Sunday School “dates back to the very beginning of the Sunday School movement in the United States.” Combining knowledge of that tradition with insights from modern...

Large strategies mergers
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The key to all mergers is relationships. That is what Kristy Rutter emphasizes in this short blog about congregational mergers. Ms. Rutter works with New Campus Development for the Chapel, a...

Large overview of the strategic planning process
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Are you looking for a quick overview of strategic planning and a way to make sense of terms like mission, vision, strategies, objectives, SMART goals, and action plans? See the full strategic...

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The Greater Orlando Baptist Association (GOBA) is known nationally for its annual “Renovate Conference”. Among other items listed on their {{website | http://GOBA.org}} are dozens of articles,...

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