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Congregations have long been places that nurture the care of souls. Long ago, the early church created strategies and tactics to care for widows and children. Nowadays, care in congregations...

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Increasingly, all kinds of congregations are actively externally focused. I’ve observed this since 2008. The change is remarkable. Really!

The energy is so powerful. The conversations exciting....

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New projects fill congregational life with excitement and hope. They can be a time of community cooperation, deep visioning and relationship-building. No matter the project, though, you are likely...

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This book is designed especially for clergy and religious leaders who finding themselves on the front lines of crisis supporting survivors of trauma. Without encouraging them to play the role of...

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Statistics suggest that a learning difference or disability impacts one in four families. According to Episcopal priest, Susan Richardson, society’s current person-centered, relational approach to...

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After battling bipolar disorder and finding no spiritual support group for his own journey to wholeness, Pastor Brad Hoefs developed his own support group model and workbook. Fresh Hope combines...

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Mental Health Grace Alliance (MHGA) is dedicated to being "the primary peer-provider movement delivering mental health recovery and support by influencing cultural perception, creating free and...

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Here’s everything you need to add a layer of support and supervision to your small group ministry. The material is not aimed at small group leaders themselves. Instead, it equips coaches to walk...

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The author is a United Methodist minister and the mother of an adult son with special needs. Her vocational background and personal experience led her to develop emotional and spiritual resources...

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For those who have lost a loved one, family member or friend, GriefShare support groups welcome individuals at any stage of grief. They recommend the DivorceCare Program for people experiencing...

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Many congregations are struggling against decline, with few handles on How? and Why? and even fewer practical tools to help them respond. In Unstuck, congregational expert, Morgan, equips readers...

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Ministry in the local church is a difficult thing to pull off without adequate volunteers. Ask any pastor or congregational leader and they will tell you the same. Chris Mavity, author of Your...

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It seems obvious, but many church-goers may not realize that how they relate to each other and to their pastor are major factors in the pastor's mental health and work environment. A study of 1,500...

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