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Large church marketing 101

This resource lends practical marketing strategies for congregations, using examples from real-life and the Bible to highlight potential pitfalls and what types of messages congregations want to...

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This research-based book examines the differences between "mission true" organizations that have stayed true to the spiritual commitments of their founders, and "mission untrue," those that have...

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The annual Traditional Building magazinel is targeted to professionals in architecture, interior design, construction and landscape design who specialize in traditional design and offers...

Large reaching out to singles

This training pack contains eight stand-alone assessment tools designed to guide conversations on congregational practices and attitudes that can make or break an effective singles ministry.

Large kingdom calling

This book pushes the theological conversation about calling and work to a new level, focusing on how to change the pace and pattern where you live.

Large justlead

This resource targets Christisan women leaders, offering advice and real-life examples on leading men, making difficult decisions, and challenges.

Large gods house

Targeted towards Roman Catholics, this book summarizes a twelve-step process that can be applied to church renovation or construction projects.

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Targeted towards baby boomers, this resource gives this generation a new name to provide a window to understanding.

Large the parish nurse

This resource is targeted towards congregations that want to provide w wholistic health ministry for their faith community by establising a parish nurse as the primary minster of health.

Large principled ministry

Grounded in scripture and tradition, this resource organizes 30 leadership principles into categories to target all areas of ministry, focusing on how to address situations of change and...

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