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How would you describe a thriving congregation? Perhaps a thriving congregation has young people attending worship. Another thriving congregation might manage conflict well.

At the Center for...

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Most people can carry a casual conversation with a young adult. If that seems like a challenge in your congregation, check out the first part of this blog <a...

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Large how to shape your churchs culture

This article from LifeWay provides an introduction to understanding what defines church culture.

Large change   conflict

This book frames conflict as a tool to move congregations forward if used positively. In this resource, conflict can spark changes that will allow your congregation to tell a new story about its...

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This series of articles focuses on six different features of community life in Acts and how these might influence congregations today as they seek to thrive.

Large transforming congregational culture

This resource draws a connection between changes in American culture and congregational change, arguing that congregations must adapt in order to engage with contemporary audiences.

Large how to change the culture church
Web resource

This web resource provides an article written by Baptist pastor, writer and cartoonist Joe McKeever, as a way to provide several examples of the ways that cliquish, embattled or xenophobic...

Large culture making

This resource urgest Christians to stop engaging in a misguided "culture war," and instead, calls upon readers to become culture makers.

Large your volunteers

This practical guide explains how to sustain a thriving volunteer corps by establishing a culture of volunteerism and functional operations.

Large look before you lead

This book helps congregations lead cultural change by providing an overview, practical assessments and leadership strategies to shape culture.

Large why changing church culture rarely works

This article reveals the pitfalls and errors that can be made when considering culture change in a congregational setting.

Large creating culture of renewal

This series of education events hosted by Rebekah Simon-Peter equips participants to lead congregational change.

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