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Websites are the “front door” for congregations, and having a web presence is no longer optional. Visitors often search for a new church home online. Savvy congregations even use their websites to...

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Increasingly, all kinds of congregations are actively externally focused. I’ve observed this since 2008. The change is remarkable. Really!

The energy is so powerful. The conversations exciting....

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Congregations have long been places that nurture the care of souls. Long ago, the early church created strategies and tactics to care for widows and children. Nowadays, care in congregations...

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Large parish cell

This training guide is designed for Catholic congregations seeking to implement small group ministry models based on evangelism in their local parish.

Large youth leader training on the go

This DVD curriculum allows youth pastors to train volunteers remotely by sending video trainings via email.

Large church multiplication training center

This organization provides training programs for existing congregations to refocus their mission on making disciples, and for church planters to learn specific strategies for starting new...

Large risking connection

This training curriculum looks at the spiritual and psychological effects of trauma to help clergy support survivors and assist in the healing process.

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This organization has facilitators who speak and provide trainings to congregations about taking positive action against race issues within the community.

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Congregations concerned with the security of their facilities and the safety of their people can engage Cool Solutions Group for assessment, recommendations, training, and implementation.

Large group publishing2

This organization provides biblically based resources on volunteers and volunteer management, such as training videos, spiritual gifts assessments, background checks, and an online bookstore.

Large growing small group leaders

This one-year program uses a variety of tools like instructional handouts and training sessions to coach small group leaders.

Large smallgroupscom
Web resource

This web resource is a vast library of resources for small group ministry is organized around four categories: building small group ministry, training leaders, leading groups and bible study...

Large the caring congregation

This manual for congregational care ministries addresses how to create and organize a care ministry, providing ideas about the use of volunteers, managing training, and more.

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