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November 6, 2017


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July 28, 2016

Congregational Vitality, Leadership

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“The greatest transformation comes during times when we quiet ourselves long enough to listen attentively… to God, to one another, and to what’s stirring in our own hearts.” This statement from the...

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Winner of the 2006 Logos Book Award, Sacred Rhythms is a thoughtful and practical book that introduces the reader to seven key Christian spiritual practices like honoring the body, self-examination...

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Using the image of filling a well, the first half of the booklet is devoted to the personal, interior work of preparing to address conflict. Stories, examples and scripture verses combine with...

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We often think of the church as an organization, but in this book, authors John Flowers and Karen Vannoy, push readers to think about the church as an organism. Organisms, by their very nature,...

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VBS in a nursing home? Presbyterians and Muslims sharing pudding? A nuisance church that broke down racial barriers? Theology in a pub? These are just a few of the intriguing stories collected from...

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Denominational leader and former pastor Jeffrey Jones offers both “hard truths” and hope to congregations who desire vibrant and healthy faith communities despite declining attendance and...

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Renowned conflict mediator, Lederach, conveys the difficulties and blessings of his decades-long reconciliation work around the world. In sharing stories from his own experience and the biblical...

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Turnaround and Beyond is a follow-up study to former pastor and author Ronald Crandall’s original research and book Turnaround Strategies for the Small Church. In Turnaround and Beyond, Crandall...

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Many congregations find that creating and nurturing small relational groups lead to congregational health and faith development in individuals. Transformational Groups is a book that presents key...

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The two authors, Rainer and Stetzer, are associated with Lifeway. Regarding Lifeway’s research: it assists church leaders with insight that will lead to greater levels of vitality. This book...

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