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Resilient congregations 220x191
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On my way to work, I drive by two church buildings. One building used to be the home of a Methodist congregation, the other formerly a home for a Roman Catholic congregation. The people have gone...

The challenge of partnering 220x220
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Congregational partnerships can be challenging.

If a congregation needs help with something beyond its grasp, its leaders are often advised to join efforts with another congregation or another...

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What does marriage have in common with congregational life? There is one thing in particular: both flourish when the ratio of positive validation to negative criticism is five to one in favor of...

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Large church assessment tools
Web resource

This congregational assessment from Holy Cow Consulting provides benchmark data to inform decisions about identity, clergy search, strategic...

Large vital congregations fact

This study of leaders across ten faith traditions define spiritual vitality, reveal which factors help or hurt congregational vitality, and offers strategies to improve vitality.

Large places of promise

Drawing upon data and observations, this resource navigates the relationship between location and its impact on a congregation's health and vitality.

Large shepherding the small church

This book presents the meaning of church vitality in a new light, and begins a conversation about what it means for a church to be effective before providing a five-step process to follow.

Large vital synagogues
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This blog post reflects on synagogue vitality and the importance of strengthening engagement with the broader community.

Large five practices fruitful cong

Written by the United Methodist Bishop of Missouri, this book outlines five congregational practices of an effective congregation, detailing the importance of each and providing evaluation tools...

Large life cycle stages cong development

This article presents a life cycle model that can help leaders understand their congregation's current life stage and anticipate inevitable transitions.

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This article from the Washington Post summarizes findings that show the increasing occurrence of multisite congregations.

Large not safe for church

Using the Old and New Testament, this book provides readers with ten practices or "commandments" for how to connect with Post-Civil Rights generations.

Large jump starting

This article looks at the challenges facing synagogues in the United States and offers solutions to overcome them.

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