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A generation ago, congregational observers noted that congregations experiencing growth were those which gave clear-cut, right and wrong, direction about life.

I want to note a subtle correction...

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Congregational life includes beliefs. Some congregations ask folks to believe certain things in order to be members. Your congregation may welcome questions about certain beliefs. Your congregation...

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Large culture making

Evangelical author Andy Crouch offers this critique of culture and culture making. He argues that Christians have engaged in a misguided “culture war” rather than to be creative in culture making....

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Faithful people respond to a calling from God in every aspect of their lives, and we do the church a disservice when we constrain talk of vocations to work within the church. With a well-developed...

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As the phrase suggests, “emerging adults” (20-32-year-olds) are in a transitional time that researchers suggest is more complex and challenging than at any other time in human history. In this 10th...

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Is your congregation helping people live meaningful lives? The question of vocation “To what is God calling me?” is at the heart of religious life. The Collegeville Institute at St. John’s School...

Large the graceful exit

Using scripture, stories from other clergy, and the author's own story, this resource helps pastors make a graceful vocational transition.

Large the soul of a leader

Based off interviews with several leaders of various fields, this book shows the impact leaders can make by examining the lives of their employees, the community, and environment they work in. ...

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Congregations sometimes struggle to engage the 18-30 year olds in their community. Recently defined as “emerging adults”, members of this life stage are navigating the distance between high school...

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Even before they hit Junior High, Christian young people are on a trajectory to leave congregational life. What’s a congregation to do? This interview with the author of a ground breaking study and...

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The Festival of Preaching is an ecumenical event for Christian teens and young adults who discern a call to preaching. Its purpose is to inspire, encourage, and equip a new generation of biblical...

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If only everyone could do every task equally well. Yet, that is not the way it goes. This is true in all aspects of life including congregational leadership. How can you tell if you or someone...

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