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Is your congregation seeking to reach out to young adults? Many congregations are. There can be both excitement and anxiety about engaging the generation commonly called millennials.

Not every...

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In a gathering of congregational leaders, the word “millennial” enters the conversation. A wave of uneasiness settles in — judgment, honest confusion or distress. What is the future of our...

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Most people can carry a casual conversation with a young adult. If that seems like a challenge in your congregation, check out the first part of this blog <a...

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This book speaks candidly to congregations wondering how to draw young adults to church, offering insights into what young adults are looking for and making suggestions on how churches can...

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Written with a hopeful outlook, this book describes the four young adult unchurched types and how congregations can reach out, noting the amazing things that can happen between this demographic...

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This 2015 survey of American congregations was dedicated to exploring congregational ministries with adults ages 18-34. Researchers created a module of 36 items to learn more about the nature of...

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This collection of African American narratives and statistics offers practical strategies to reach and disciple Black young adults.

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Faith & Leadership is a leadership education arm of Duke Divinity School. This article highlights the ministry of Charlotte/One, an ecumenically based ministry in Charlotte, North Carolina, and led...

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One of the best resources for a congregation is often another congregation. When facing a challenge or contemplating a new opportunity, a congregation can learn from the strengths and capacities of...

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“Young adult ministry is not an outreach or a campaign…. (It) must change the way the church does business.” With this conviction, Catholic women religious in Cleveland are taking the lead in an...

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The Millennial Generation is challenging congregational life in virtually all its aspects. This is true for Black congregations which must also deal with Hip Hop culture. Pastor Benjamin Stephens...

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This report from the 2013-2014 Union of Reform Judaism Young Adult Engagement Community of Practice is an interactive resource with numerous action steps and resource links to enable a congregation...

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What do congregations need to know about the way young adults, age 18-34, think and communicate? This collection of nine articles seeks to break through myths and stereotypes to inform and equip...

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