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Latino Protestants are experiencing remarkable growth, according to Pew Research Center. Pew reports that by 2030, half of all Latinos in America will be Protestant. While some gather in Latino...

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Large sustainable youth ministry

Mark DeVries, founder of Youth Ministry Architects, gives congregations struggling with youth ministry new hope and careful direction. He begins with a statement of the problem often found in youth...

Large compassionatefriends

This excellent video shares the devastation and grief of family members as they tell their stories and experiences. Their diversity of situations helps to give understanding to the ways grief is...

Large fuller youth inst

Fuller Youth Institute (FYI) is a program of Fuller Theological Seminary, the largest and most inclusive seminary in the United States. The Executive Director of FYI is Dr. Kara Powell who also...

Large what is sticky faith

What can congregations do to reach youth and keep them involved? Sticky Faith is a proven approach to youth ministry that “instills in students a faith that lasts.” Based on research by the Fuller...

Large sticky faith youth worker edition

The Sticky Faith series is based on research from Fuller Youth Institute and ministry with teens in the transitional years of high school and college. It specifically looks at those who had active...

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The Institute for Youth Ministry specializes in training congregational leaders. Its two primary programs are The Connections Project (TCP) and the Princeton Lectures on Youth, Church, and Culture....

Large faith formation learning exchange
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Youth leaders will find research-based thinking and practices to enrich their leadership and programs. Experienced practitioners provide blogs, articles, recommended resources and an interactive...

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This organization began as a research endeavor to determine why growth rates were so low in the Christian church in Australia. The result was a website that provides the results of this research,...

Large sticky faith

Research shows that only fifty percent of high school students who graduate from a church or youth group will stick with their faith in college and beyond. Sticky Faith sets out to significantly...

Large growing young

Declining congregations can increase their vitality by reaching out to young adults. Wonder how? While there’s no cookie-cutter approach, a Fuller Youth Institute study of 250 congregations...

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