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Good Stewardship of Your Building
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  • Routinely service and repair your building systems and perform building maintenance to help protect against breakdowns and safety hazards before they happen.

  • Address small building issues as they emerge rather than waiting for larger, problematic events to occur.

  • Have a professional conduct a facility condition assessment to identify the current maintenance expenses associated with your facility. This is especially helpful before remodeling or expanding your building.

  • Have a master plan to schedule and estimate costs for maintenance and replacement.

  • Keep maintenance records orderly and filed and in a central place. 

  • Propose an annual budget that accounts for building repair and replacement costs.

Building Maintenance: Getting Started
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Building maintenance is an act of responsible stewardship that protects the safety of your members, limits financial liability and saves costs associated with major repairs. Key elements of building maintenance include knowing the condition of your facility, developing a master plan, keeping records and budgeting for repairs and replacements.

Explore these subtopics: facility assessment, facility management.

Helpful Questions

  • What is your congregation’s most pressing maintenance need right now? How long has it been a need?

  • How does your congregation handle maintenance issues? Who is responsible for building maintenance?

  • Who in your congregation, staff or volunteer, knows the most about your building’s condition? 

  • Have you ever done a comprehensive facility assessment to know the needs of your entire building?

  • Does your congregation keep a record of when and how systems are maintained or replaced?

  • Are major repairs budgeted for in advance or when they are needed? Do they require special fundraising efforts to pay for them? 

Facility Condition Assessment and Maintenance Schedule

A facility condition assessment is a process by which professional building experts examine and evaluate the quality of your building’s systems, including the roof, electrical system, plumbing, HVAC and safety systems. A facility assessment can provide long-term benefits by enabling your congregation to set and follow a maintenance schedule.

Keep in mind that a facility assessment can be expensive, but it is valuable. Having the assessment will help you avoid unexpected and high-cost repairs. Learn about facility condition assessments with the Special Report: Building Conditions Surveys.


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Need help? Chat with an expert!

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