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Focusing your communication efforts


Center for Congregations Director Matt Burke encourages congregations to focus communication efforts by articulating the challenge and starting with a clear mission and vision.

Finding the communication information you need

Communication is an incredibly varied topic. Refine your search with these subcategories:

Interpersonal: care ministries, conflict, counseling, hospitality, mentoring 
Internal: administration, meetings, mission and vision, preaching, small groups, teaching
External: evangelism, marketing, ...

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The Center for Church Communication provides church communicators with resources, models, learning opportunities, ideas, and inspiration for clearly communicating the gospel of Jesus Christ: “We...

Thumb voice of authority


Fortune 500 consultant Dianna Booher offers valuable communication advice highlighting how to communicate responsibly and effectively to make others understand and respond with good work and good...

Thumb healthy disclosures


Kibbie Simmons Ruth and Karen McClintock are teachers and consultants in human sexuality issues and abuse prevention in congregations. The book deals with issues around secrecy and healthy...

Thumb healthy disclosure


Mistakes in communication and information management can lead to dysfunction and crises in a congregation. This source offers a thorough and helpful examination of such issues and practical...

Thumb outspoken


Church communication specialist and co-editor Tim Schraeder says Outspoken is a “collection of thoughts, ideas and principles that are shaping and inspiring the way some outspoken church...

Thumb notes on communication


W. Craig Gilliam, director of The Center for Pastoral Effectiveness for the Louisiana Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church, works with churches that are experiencing conflict. His...

Thumb we really need to talk


For practicing psychologists Paul Donoghue and Mary Siegel, communication is basic to being human: “We need to talk almost as much as we need to breathe.” This need, however, does not mean that...

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The Journey Conversations project offers a variety of resources and tools for congregations or communities seeking to have better, more productive conversations. Their mission is “…to introduce...

Thumb preaching that matters


Research shows that the number one reason people attend worship is to hear the sermon. This sensitive, informative and practical book is designed to help preachers deepen their skills and impact....

Thumb the art of convening


In a meeting or conversation, how can a leader create an environment where all parties feel valued, included, and authentically engaged? This source not only lays out practices and principles, but...

Thumb the social church


The author of The Social Church, Justin Wise, teaches organizations how to build larger online audiences. He is also part of the continuing education faculty of Luther Seminary’s KAIROS program....

Thumb humble inquiry


Drawing upon fifty years of work as a social and organizational psychologist, Schein offers a practical guide to help leaders learn how to build relationships and communicate effectively through...

Thumb facing feelings


What are you feeling right now? Are you happy? Are you sad? Maybe you are feeling at peace? Perhaps you are feeling discomfort. William Kondrath has written a book that honors the reality that...

Thumb transforming church conflict


Pastors and seminary professors Hunsinger and Latini offer Marshall Rosenberg’s model of nonviolent communication (NVC) as a transformational strategy in ‘compassionate communication’ for church...

Thumb crucial conversations


The authors are business and management consultants and co-founders of VitalSmarts, a corporate training organization. In this secular book, they argue that the higher the stakes, the more likely...

Thumb designing your congregations website


It’s been said that the website is the congregation’s new front door. A current, user-friendly website is a must for a congregation. The website needs to make a great first impression and function...

Thumb ann curley


Anne Curley’s experience as a communication consultant for congregations and judicatories in crisis is evident in this edited version of an interview with her about crisis communication. Curley is...

Thumb plan and conduct effective meetings


Management trainer and consultant Barbara Streibel’s premise is that “Properly planned and conducted meetings can help you and all your employees work together more efficiently and with better...

Thumb nothing to hide


As a journalist who writes about the Roman Catholic Church, Russell Shaw envisions a religious community that is different from the one that has become prey to its own dysfunction and debilitating...

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“To engage more effectively in mission and ministry, congregational leaders need to teach listening skills and nurture an environment that affirms listening” (p. 157). Based on a review of research...

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