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Congregation Management Software (CMS)

CMS is a tool to help congregations efficiently work with people, financial assets and physical assets. This includes managing relationships, distributing communication, receiving electronic funds and increasing child security. It is also called Church Management Software (ChMS) and database software.



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Choosing a CMS

•    Spend time thinking about existing procedures. Then consider desired new features. The new CMS should replicate your processes and implement new ones.
•    Consider who will use this tool and from where. This will determine if you need web-based or computer software.
•    Software training is critically important. Spend twice as...

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This quick and credible overview without a sales agenda is a helpful introduction for...

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Web resource

Founded in 1999 - a long time in tech years - Capterra is a vendor-funded, free-to-consumer...

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Congregational leaders tasked with finding church management software (ChMS) soon learn they...

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A free downloadable e-book, this approachable introduction to church management software (ChMS)...

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Formerly Christian Computing Magazine, this free, monthly e-zine is for church staff and...

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In {{one chart | http://www.mbsinc.com/wp-content/uploads/chms-chart.png}}, Nick B. Nicholaou,...

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Need help? Chat with an expert!

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Wallis Metts, Jr., Ph.D., professor of communication at Spring Arbor University, Spring Arbor,...

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The target audience for this online community of IT professionals includes congregation...

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Often the best advice about congregation matters, including church management software (ChMS),...

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Software Advice™, a Gartner company, claims to be “the world's leading information technology...

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