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Planned giving doesn’t need to be a complicated challenge for your congregation. By following these principles, your congregation can start securing the financial future of your...

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Large the fund raising school

This school, which is part of Indiana University, offers one-time courses and certificate programs focused on fundraising.

Large fundraising next gen

Written by a fundraising consultant, this book is targeted for congregations trying to reach funders under 40 years of age, and provides insight on social media and the power of grants.

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This workbook provides instruction and space for reflection on the “why” and “how” of church fundraising in order to sustain a healthy ministry.

Large beyond fundraising

This book covers all aspects of congregational stewardship, ranging from the spirituality of giving to the need for strategic planning in fundraising efforts.

Large fontawesome f02d 9  1024

This story-based approach to fundraising will help churches tackle capital campaigns, endowments, and general fund drives.

Large imagining abundance

This guide contains ways to encourage giving by focusing on a spiritual call to service.

Large church growth services2

This consultant group assists congregations with fundraising and capital campaigns, with a focus on pre-capital campaign studies. They also offer guidance in building renovations and debt...

Large kitchen table giving

This book details how to elicit more giving by building trust.

Large generis

This consulting group assists congregations in developing strategies for finance and fundraising.

Large effective church finances

This book will help churches attain future financial stability and offers a process for initiating practives that support ministry and lead to healthier congregations.

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