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Congregations have long been places that nurture the care of souls. Long ago, the early church created strategies and tactics to care for widows and children. Nowadays, care in congregations...

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Here’s a secret for you. The Center for Congregations in Indiana has learned something while working with 3500 congregations that we want to share with you.

Ready? Here it is.

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Many congregational leaders know the importance of clear vision and mission statements. Some of us have experienced positive energy working with a team that articulates congregational hopes and...

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Large imagining abundance

This guide contains ways to encourage giving by focusing on a spiritual call to service.

Large from charity to justice

This group study and action planning guide is designed to help congregations as they think about how to approach issues of social justice.

Large increasing wholeness

By focusing on commonalities, this resource invites readers to explore and appreciate core beliefs of Judaism, other world religions, and psychology.

Large comfort my people

Written by the Advisory Committee on Social Witness of the Presbytarian Church, this study guide details 16 practical recommendations for ministry to and with people living with serious mental...

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This study-discussion guide provided by The Parish Paper offers solutions to internal conflicts and includes examples of how individuals can limit divisions.

Large the way of discernment leaders

This leader's guide goes hand-in-hand with "Way of Discernment, Participant Guide." It equips leaders to explore the process of discernment as a way to seek direction in mission discovery.

Large doing justice

This resource looks at community organizing at the congregational level, encouraging congregations to take their commitment to social justice to the next level.

Large the way of discernment participants

This study guide engages small groups in a 10-week consideration of discernment, helping congregational groups determine where the spirit of Christ might lead them.

Large the jgirls guide

This resource compiles voices from scripture, tradition, and from women past and present to address the challenges of adolescence with humor, wisdom, and joy, guiding readers through what it...

Large helping w o hurting

This guide offers a toolkit to make client-based ministry with the poor more transformative for the ones being helped, addressing the complexity of poverty issues and various approaches.

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