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Most people can carry a casual conversation with a young adult. If that seems like a challenge in your congregation, check out the first part of this blog <a...

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Congregational life includes beliefs. Some congregations ask folks to believe certain things in order to be members. Your congregation may welcome questions about certain beliefs. Your congregation...

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Large the welcoming congregation

This book analyzes the theme of hospitality from multiple aspects, including the author's own research and an exploration of how different faith communities approach hospitality, concluding that...

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Using the metaphor of a bicyle pedal clip, this book frames hospitality as a powerful way to promote growth while reviving current members.

Large the hospitality of god

Written from the Roman Catholic Jesuit perspective, this scholarly book takes examines God's hospitality through the Gospel of Luke.

Large church hospitality
Web resource

Here congregations gain access to three free, downloadable hospitality resources and one for-purchase hospitality training pack that are designed to teach congregations effective hospitality skills...

Large first impressions

This book urges congregations to treat guests with "acceptance and respect," and can be used as a guide to help churches welcome people as Jesus welcomes them.

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Your congregation never gets a second chance to make a first impression. This two-minute read will remind committee members charged with hospitality, evangelism, “buildings and grounds,” and the...

Large free hospitality audit
Web resource

The Hospitality Audit is a free web resource designed by Chris Walker, Presbyterian pastor and church evangelism coach. The audit is a twenty-page downloadable survey to help congregations take a...

Large beyond hospitality

Here Lutheran Bishop and former pastor Wayne Miller reflects on hospitality and the stranger through the lens of immigration. Hospitality, says Miller, is often seen as “a matter of decency,” a...

Large fusion

Filled with proven techniques, this book is a guide on how to welcome guests, providing additional insight on how to follow up in inviting and sensitive ways through tools like correspondence...

Large spirituality of welcoming

This resource offers a compelling vision for how synagogues can become vibrant spiritual centers in their communities by embracing hospitality as an essential aspect of the congregation.

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