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Is the positive deviance approach a good fit for my congregation?

  • Have you tried other approaches and not made much progress?

  • Is this an issue that affects many people?

  • Is this a community or social service issue that stems from behaviors?

  • Do you have time and focus to devote to this problem?

If so, positive deviance may be a good fit for you.

Positive deviance success stories

Positive deviance is an intervention that solves a difficult problem by identifying people within your community who are effectively navigating the challenge. Then the community is encouraged to adopt those successful behaviors. In this video, Center for Congregations President Tim Shapiro describes challenges that congregations have successfully addressed using positive deviance.

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Large applying positive deviance ad

This article tells the story of seven congregations in Indiana that used positive deviance to improve their relationships with strangers and neighbors with social service needs.

Large the power of positive deviance book

This resource introduces positive deviance as an ideal problem-solving model, describing how it works and situations where positive deviance has been used.

Large the power of positive deviance vid

This YouTube video describes key principles of positive deviance and tells stories of how positive deviance has been used effectively to solve challenges around the world.

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This article provides a basic overview of positive deviance, an asset-based approach to problem solving.

Large positive change for congregations

This article summarizes the experiene of the Indianapolis Center for Congregations in teaching positive change processes to congregations through a one day event called Flourishing...

Large group processes that facilitate positive change

This article discusses four effective processes leaders can use to take a positive approach to non-technical issues.

Large appreciative leadership

This resource explores the five core strategies of Appreciative Leadership and contains questions for the reader to reflect on their own leadership style.

Large the power of ai

Written by nationally-recognized experts on the Appreciative Inquiry process, this book details the various ways Appreciative Inquiry can be used successfully.

Large mission possible media

This board game empowers teams to tackle problems by generating creative solutions, drawing on congregational assets and teamwork.

Large encyclopedia positive questions

Written for companies, this resource will nonetheless be helpful for congregations as they answer variety of positive questions designed to evaluate strengths and help plan for the future.

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