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Avoid website-building mistakes

  • Develop a communications strategy that includes marketing the website.
  • Prioritize usability, layout and design.
  • Go with expert help. If you must build your site in-house, at the very least use a template-based website provider like E-zekiel, Go Daddy or Wix.
  • Planning and implementing either a...
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Reflection questions about your website

  • What is your budget? 
  • What are your goals for the website? To share information, gather new information, reach new people, advertise, etc.
  • Who will maintain the site? Can they devote enough time to this work?
Thumb what makes a good church website

web resource

What makes for a good congregational website? Of course, “good” may be in the eye of the user. Yet, there are some commonly accepted standards. This blog from Illinois-based ReFrame Media provides...

Thumb church tech today2

web resource

Public relations professional Lauren Hunter is the founder of Church Tech Today, an online resource concerned with congregational use of technology as a communications tool. Hunter says Church Tech...

Thumb tcinsight

web resource

The Transforming Church Insight (TCI) assessment tool has been a helpful learning tool for many different kinds of congregations. The tool has proven helpful because it focuses on topics often not...

Thumb church assessment tools

web resource

The Church Assessment Tool (CAT), created by {{Holy Cow Consulting |}}, helps those seeking accurate data in preparation for one or more of the following: pastoral...

Thumb designing your congregations website


It’s been said that the website is the congregation’s new front door. A current, user-friendly website is a must for a congregation. The website needs to make a great first impression and function...

Thumb webempowered ministry


Mark Stephenson, known nationally as the “Church Cyber-guy,” has been a volunteer leader since 1997 at Ginghamsburg UMC where he developed a website that hosts more than 50,000 visitors per month...

Thumb effective church comm

web resource

As a church communications specialist, Yvon Prehn says her objective is to assist congregations that are seeking to “fulfill the Great Commission.” Prehn’s Effective Church Communications (ECC)...

Thumb fontawesome f0f7 0  1024


We now know that people first get to know your congregation through your website. We also know that there is an abundance of web development resources. The quality of these resources vary greatly....

Thumb church hospitality

web resource

Here congregations gain access to three free, downloadable hospitality resources and one for-purchase hospitality training pack that are designed to teach congregations effective hospitality skills...

Thumb gia taize resources

web resource

GIA is not only a well-respected publisher of sacred music it is the exclusive publisher in America of music from the Taizé community. On this website, you will find reasonably priced “bundles” of...

Thumb art in the christian tradition

web resource

For those who appreciate religious art, it’s refreshing to discover an internet resource that includes high quality art. The Jean and Alexander Heard Library of Vanderbilt University, in their...

Thumb visual arts and worship

web resource

If you are looking for a bibliography of art resources related to faith and worship, this page on Calvin Institute’s web site provides an excellent choice. The bibliography is organized according...

Thumb taize calvin

web resource

Calvin Institute of Christian Worship provides a preview of the best worship resources available today-including ones on Taizé worship. The institute is committed to the study and renewal of...

Thumb worship visual arts pinterest

web resource

Those looking for information about visual arts and worship might not think to look on one of today’s trendiest websites-Pinterest! Yet, all it takes is typing in the home page search the words...

Thumb death and mourning

web resource

This resource directs people in interfaith relationships - individuals, couples, families - to information about Jewish life and how to make appropriate choices. Links to specific information, such...

Thumb wisdom for caregivers

web resource

This collection of informative, inspirational, and insightful speech transcripts can be a source of encouragement for congregations and individuals, who are serving as care-givers. The speeches,...

Thumb rest ministries inc

web resource

This website serves as clearinghouse giving information and support to chronically ill persons through an on-line community, daily devotionals, and articles on a variety of topics, such as What...

Thumb quaker aging resources

web resource

The New York and Philadelphia Yearly Meetings of Friends (Quakers) developed a set of resources to help Meetings (Quaker congregations) address issues faced by older adults. This website provides...

Thumb health ministry resources

web resource

The mission of this organization, based at the intersection of Illinois, Indiana and Kentucky, is to “promote whole-person health through faith groups in the communities they serve.” Resource lists...

Thumb first third of center

web resource

What are the marks of effective congregational ministries that establish faith as a vital factor in the lives of young people? A national congregational study entitled Exemplary Youth Ministry...

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