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Large redesigning worship

This resource covers a variety of topics related to contemporary worship, including the structure of a worship design team meeting and the four mantras that guide the author in her worship...

Large center for action contemplation

The Center for Action and Contemplation (CAC) artfully engages the Christian tradition of contemplative practice and compassionate action. Founded and informed by the writing and teaching of...

Large the peacemaker

This book is based off a four-part biblical peacemaking method centered around the New Testament, giving congregations tools to take the first step towards reconciliation,

Large hope

This collection of essays, testimonies, and reflections offer inspirational and practical tools for congregations and individuals who feel compelled to fight against poverty.

Large urban ministries inc2
Web resource

UMI publishes African American resources for a wide range of African American denominations and congregations. There are curricula and other resources for all ages. Children’s resources include...

Large called to serve

Formatted as a letter, the author uses his business and nonprofit board experience to discuss the characteristics and structure of an effective board while reflecting on common problems and...

Large the equipping church guidebook

This biblically-based guidebook details a vision and strategy for implementing a congregational collaborative ministry.

Large asking

This book provides a variety of ways congregations can ask for money, covering topics like the importance of listening, consistency, and follow through.

Large 101 social media tactics

This book offers tactics for congregations to better communicate through social media.

Large meditations of the heart

This classic collection of meditations provide clergy and laity with a source of inspiration and sustenance.

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