365 Ideas for Recruiting, Retaining, Motivating and Rewarding Your Volunteers: A Complete Guide for Non-Profit Organizations

by Sunny Fader. Atlantic Publishing , 2010.
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Sunny Fader’s volunteer and non-for-profit experiences influence her view of volunteers: volunteers are assets, and as such, they deserve respect and care. Fader further claims that the recruitment process establishes the tone of the relationship between volunteers and organizations. For that reason she begins Part One with chapters that explain what needs to happen before recruitment begins. She then delves into the recruitment process, covering issues such as volunteer agreements, budgets, workspace, handbooks, and staff and board relationships with volunteers. Part Two addresses retention and motivation. Some ideas covered here are conflict, power, and teambuilding. Checklists, questions for discussion and reflection, and stories that serve as “case studies” are sprinkled throughout. This secular resource is appropriate for all religious traditions. It can be used by staff and lay-leaders who want to 1) work with volunteers in a more systematic way, or 2) evaluate their volunteer recruitment, motivation, and retention process.

Curated by Janet Hoover

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