44 Questions for Congregational Self-Appraisal

by Lyle Schaller. Abingdon Press, 1998.
Large 44 questions

Yes, this book has some age on it. It was published in 1998. It is still readily available. And the book provides a comprehensive list of assessment questions for a congregation to consider. The title says 44 questions, but embedded in the book are many more than that. Lyle Schaller has authored many books on congregational development and had a long career as a church consultant. Sample assessment questions include: “What do we do best?” “How do others see us? “How much staff do we need?” If you are assessing your congregation, this is not the only resource you will want to use. It works best as a first course. Look at the specific sections. Choose five or so that resonant most with your situations. Read those sections. Have the group talk about the questions together. Then see what comes up as next steps. In this way, the book functions as the hors d’ oeuvre of a larger meal when it comes to assessments. It will help you prioritize and focus.