Cause for Change: The Why and How of Nonprofit Millennial Engagement

by Kari Dunn Saratovsky, Derrick Feldmann. Jossey-Bass, 2013.


This research-based guide dives into how to strategically engage Millennials as constituents, volunteers, donors and employees.


generation dynamics in the workplace, peer influence, Millennial Development Platform, action-rubric for strategic engagement, key takeaways

Recommended Audience

stewardship teams and lay leader


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Practical Applications

  • Learn how to strategically target the Millennial audience by following the book's "Millennial Development Platform."
  • Engage with the congregation's younger members and staff by utilizing strategies outlined in the book.

About the Contributor

Marie Fleming

Marie Fleming was a contract resource consultant for the Center for Congregations. Her consulting practice includes congregation-based Permaculture Design and equipping congregations for creation care.

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