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Celebrate Diversity
Curator Kate White
Generations Growing Together
Curator John Roberto
In this bi-monthly online magazine issue of Net Results, readers will find a number of related themes around the topic of Generations.
The Intergenerational Church: Understanding Congregations from WWII to WWW.COM
Written in three parts, this resource examines the characteristics of five generations while offering practical suggestions for integrating generations within church life.
Gen2Gen: Sharing Jesus Across the Generations
This compilation of articles examines issues and trends relating to developing intergenerational congregations, providing a new perspective on families, singles, and aging.
Korean American Churches: From Generation to Generation
This article examines generational differences in the Korean American Church to provide insight into multi-cultural congregations in multi-ethnic communities.
Generation to Generation: Family Process in Church and Synagogue
This resource explores aspects of Bowen Family Theory using stories from the author's family and his experiences as a rabbi, ultimately presenting the theory as tool to sustain a healthy life and leadership.
Faith Formation Across the Generations
This article describes various aspects of intergenerational learning. Topics include the benefits of learning together, how to host a gathering, and ways to apply it in your congregation.
Reclaimed: Faith in an Emerging Generation
This book speaks candidly to congregations wondering how to draw young adults to church, offering insights into what young adults are looking for and making suggestions on how churches can engage with this demographic.
Preaching To A Multi-Generational Assembly
This resource offers an in-depth exploration of the challenge of preaching to multiple age groups, developing a model for making Catholic preaching more contextually relevant to an intergenerational audience.
The New Copernicans: Millennials and the Survival of the Church
Written by a cultural analyst and theologian, this resource explores the lives of the millennial generation and makes sense of the generational disconnect felt across America.
Honoring the Generations: Learning with Asian North American Congregations
This resource explores opportunities for ministry in the Asian North American Christian community, offering practical resources and theological thought for church ministry with any ethnic group.
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