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Does your synagogue or church need a fresh pair of eyes to move into the future with confidence and hope? If so, CapinCrouse representatives can be those fresh eyes as they serve as consultants, advisors, and instructors on a broad range of accounting, financial, and management topics. CapinCrouse also offers other tools, such as financial audits, webcasts, seminars, an online assessment of your congregation’s financial health, e-mail alerts, and two online newsletters. CapinCrouse’s financial audits are designed to ensure that clients are 1) adhering to generally accepted accounting principles; and 2) complying with state and federal laws. Auditors pay particular attention to the risks to the congregation and offer advice accordingly. Management consulting includes staff compensation, strategic planning, and leadership evaluation and development. Recent newsletters discussed clergy housing allowances, year-end planning, and managing the use of credit cards.

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