Church Tech Today: Technology for Today's Church

Lauren Hunter. Accessed June 26, 2019.
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Public relations professional Lauren Hunter is the founder of Church Tech Today, an online resource concerned with congregational use of technology as a communications tool. Hunter says Church Tech was “born out of the need to find a place to discuss how technology can truly impact the Church in positive ways, whether it be reducing administration with a church office, allowing para-church organizations to connect with their members online, or simply to share the Gospel message through non-traditional channels.” To that end, virtually every aspect of communicating with technology is addressed. Topics include social media, software, websites, and church audio-visual. Some articles share information gathered from research in and outside of the church. Other articles suggest ideas for relating social media platforms to the mission of the church. Still other articles discuss the latest software and applications. E-books full of helpful information and hints for effective use of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and other platforms can be downloaded free of charge. Book reviews, success stories, and links to conferences are also available. The effective search engine makes finding pertinent material an easy task.

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