Click 2 Save: The Digital Ministry Bible

by Elizabeth Drescher, Keith Anderson. Morehouse Publishing, 2012.

How can social media impact the ministry and mission of Mainline congregations? Is there more to it than public relations approaches adapted from the business world? In this exploration led by a blogging pastor and a religious studies scholar, readers discover the “arts of digital ministry”. Calling this a time of “digital revolution”, the authors explain how the social map has transitioned from a geographic basis to one rooted in relationships regardless of physical location. A discussion of major platforms including Facebook and Twitter describes the characteristics and features that can be used to develop ministry, followed by insights on how and when to use the various tools. In-depth profiles of practitioners such as Nadia Bolz-Weber and the Massachusetts Council of Churches show how it is done. This practical guide offers insights and tools for leaders who want to maximize the ministry potential of these popular media.