Interim Ministries, Book 1: An Overview for Church Leaders

Episcopal Church CDO (Office for Transition Ministries), 2007.

The Episcopal Church offers this brief document to help congregations understand the benefits of choosing an interim minister when they experience changes in clergy leadership. The article explains interim ministry from several perspectives. The first is theological and addresses questions related to call, vocation, and ecclesiology. The second provides several examples of how different dioceses manage clergy transitions and affirms that a “high degree of teamwork and collaboration” amongst clergy and laity, as well as local and regional leaders, benefits everyone. The third perspective provides an interim ministry model that identifies the major tasks of interim ministry and explains the stages in the process. The last chapter gives a brief history of interim ministry. Two appendices and a bibliography are also included. This short resource is a primer on interim ministry that is user-friendly and appropriate for any number of religious traditions.