Keeping Our Sacred Trust

Lewis Center for Church Leadership. Accessed June 26, 2019.
Large keeing our sacred trust

The issue of clergy sexual misconduct is on the mind of virtually every congregational leader today. Keeping Our Sacred Trust is an online training program for preventing clergy sexual misconduct. It grew out of a training curriculum developed by Dr. Richard Hunt for use in the United Methodist Church. This learning program addresses what constitutes misconduct and how issues of misconduct typically arise. Participants learn positive steps that can be taken to prevent misconduct. The goal is to help course participants develop a strong and reliable “internal compass” that helps them steer a safe course even in confusing or difficult situations. The course shows participants how to develop support and accountability structures that help them keep a sacred trust. Now available to a wider audience through the Lewis Center, the expanded program addresses real-life questions and concerns of those in many denominations. The online format makes the course a convenient option for clergy who may not be able to participate in other training. The course may be completed in as little as a single day or over a 60-day period. While designed primarily for clergy, the course can be used by other church staff, lay leaders, and volunteers.

Curator Curated by Sandra Herron

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