Keeping Your Church Safe

by Ron Aguiar. Xulon Press, 2008.
Large keeping your church safe

The goal of this general introduction to church safety by security specialist Ron Aguiar, a former law enforcement officer and current church consultant, is to identify inherent risks of congregational life and provide solutions for reducing that risk. Aguiar’s work addresses risks related to hosting events, building maintenance, and medical emergencies. Aguiar also covers other topics, such as alarm systems, insurance, and responsibility for keeping children safe both in and out of the building. Less popular, though relevant, subjects covered include protection strategies with respect to violence and training for ushers and greeters. Aguiar’s work is written for churches, but any congregation that wants to review its safety and security policies and procedures will find this resource helpful. This guide does not address every possible risk that congregations have, but it provides basic information and first steps for evaluating and implementing sound safety and security practices for congregations and their facilities.

Curated by Janet Hoover

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