LOVE Creative Arts Worship, Drawing and Painting

Laura Lenander. February 21, 2010. Accessed November 30, 2017.
Large love creative arts worship

This intergenerational worship experience example offered on YouTube by Laura Lenander shows participants worshipping through a myriad of artistic media, which produces a myriad of artistic products. The worship experience focuses on participants speaking and working from their own concerns, questions, and contexts. This perspective thus produces an eclectic worship through art. Some people use markers; others use pencils, and still others use watercolors. Paper of all types, sizes, and shapes-including post-it notes-are available. Additionally, some create computer generated artwork at desks, while others lounge on the floor or stand at tables. Overall, the participants are highly engaged and move about with few restrictions or supervision. Any congregation seeking new ways and ideas for experiencing God and one another in an informal and free environment will find this brief video compelling, if only because of the diversity of the participants and the products created.