National Association of Church Business Administration. Accessed November 26, 2018.
Large ministrypay is a comprehensive source of ministry pay data owned and produced by The Church Network (National Association of Church Business Administration or NACBA). It includes information for more than 100 job titles from congregations representing a wide range of locations, denominations, budgets, and membership sizes. The survey got its start more than 35 years ago when a group of members started informally exchanging employee compensation information. Today, the survey uses web-based software to provide the most up-to-date and reliable information available. Participation is a key component of any benchmarking survey, and The Church Network makes it convenient, beneficial, and inexpensive for any congregation to participate. Participants add data throughout the year as schedules permit and as salaries change. Salary data is trended forward so reports generated from the system are always current. Subscribers can access data and generate reports online 24/7, and reports can be segmented by denomination, budget, staff size, attendance, geography, years in position, and other criteria. The annual cost is $140 for members of The Church Network and $185 for non-members. Participants receive an $85 discount. Be sure to check your denomination for similar compensation surveys specific to your tradition and/or geography.

Reviewed by Sandra Herron

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