New Media Project

Indianapolis, IN. (317) 931-2378.
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The New Media Project explores a relatively uncharted aspect of congregational communication; namely, the relationship between Christian theology and electronic communication, especially social media. The Project’s goal is to help congregations construct a framework for evaluating today’s communication. To facilitate discussion about the positives, negatives, and uses of electronic communication in congregations, available materials include research reports, essays, blog posts, and resources for further review. Research results based on case studies provide the foundation for the essays, and study questions are offered at the end of each essay, making it easy to adapt the material for congregational groups. Blog posts cover electronic communication within different ministry contexts, such as prayer, online worship, social justice, and youth ministry. Links are often provided for additional resources, including other blogs, clergy groups, and so forth. The large amount of material on the Project’s website is easily accessible. Congregational leaders who question the appropriateness, practicality, and use of electronic communication within the Christian community and those who want to be “theologically savvy” about technology will appreciate the care and thoughtfulness of this organization.

Curator Curated by Janet Hoover

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