North American Mission Board: Replant

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Dying congregations can foster new life through the North American Mission Board (NAMB) Replant ministry. Replant works by utilizing the assets of a declining congregation to begin a new church. Participating congregations undergo a Missions Site evaluation to determine the feasibility of replant. If accepted, the congregation agrees to change their leadership and decision-making structure, and deeds the property and other assets to a parent organization. The resulting church will fit one of three models: Replant, Multi-Campus, or Merger. In a replant, the at-risk congregation closes and a new church is launched in its place. In the multi-campus model, the at-risk church closes and becomes a new campus for an existing congregation. With a merger, the at-risk church joins an existing church plant. NAMB’s Replant ministry serves primarily Southern Baptist congregations, but others are welcome to consider the Replant process.