Part-Time Pastor, Full-Time Church

by Robert LaRochelle. Pilgrim Press, 2010.
Large part time pastor

Some recent literature suggests that bivocational or part-time clergy is the leadership model of the future. Being a bivocational pastor is something that author, consultant, and pastor Robert LaRochelle knows a lot about, and he knows about it because he has lived it. LaRochelle believes that the new model benefits congregations and clergy. Yet he knows that the model needs to be better understood by them so they can accomplish effective ministry. To that end, LaRochelle discusses the part-time pastorate, the partnership between clergy and congregation, and leadership. Prospective and current clergy will find LaRochelle’s work helpful for understanding the challenges of part-time ministry. Congregations will find this work enlightening for understanding how to work with, call, and accomplish ministry with part-time clergy. This practical book is written with a Christian perspective, and those with a similar perspective will be most at home with this resource.