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See No Stranger: A Memoir and Manifesto of Revolutionary Love
In this memoir, a Sikh woman of color pushes past her discomfort to drive change through...
Building Wealth in the Black Community
This video shares financial habits for African American economic empowerment, including...
Christian Principles for Managing Money
This book is often used by congregations to create financial literacy courses for members.
How to Fight Racism
Award-winning author Jemar Tisby provides tools for Christians to discuss and take action...
web resource
White Homework
This website provides resources for anyone starting to learn about systemic racism and...
Torah of the Earth
This recorded webinar series shares the ancient wisdom of the Torah and how to engage with...
Taking America Back for God: Christian Nationalism in the U.S.
This book uses research to systemically examine Christian nationalism and its influence on...
White Too Long
This book outlines the history of American Christianity and how it contributes to racial...
Straight White American Jesus
This podcast offers in-depth examination of of Evangelical Christian nationalism and its...
The Easiest Person to Fool
This podcast episode from Hidden Brain explores how culture celebrates uncertainty. Then it...
Radical Hospitality: Responding to the issue of Immigration
This Mennonite curriculum provides a 6 to 13-week Bible study about immigration.
Sanctuary: A Discernment Guide for Congregations
This guide explains the immigration Sanctuary Movement and how congregations can support...
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