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I Was a Stranger: What the Bible Says about Immigrants
This list of scripture passages reveals God’ s care for those who have been displaced. ...
The Black Church (PBS): This Is Our Story, This Is Our Song
This two-part PBS documentary celebrates the Black Church as a bedrock of resilience through...
The Black Church (PBS companion book)
A companion to the <a href="...
Be the Bridge
Addressing systemic racism within the church, this book facilitates restorative reconciliation...
New Visions for Black Men
This book encourages boys with wisdom from scripture, African history, and psychology to...
Asian American Christian Collaborative
This ecumenical organization highlights various Asian American experiences and provides...
Failing at Assimilation and Finding Abundance
This article shares the personal experience of an Asian American woman as a volunteer in an...
Becoming an Anti-racist Church: Journeying Toward Wholeness
This powerful book explains racism in the American church and outlines practical strategies to...
It's Movement Time Again: a sermon by Rev. William Barber II
This masterful lesson preaches the history of racism, public policy, and religion in America,...
The Sound of the Genuine: Traversing 2020 with Howard Thurman
In this podcast episode, Rev. Otis Moss III connects Howard Thurman's theology and mysticism...
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Interfaith Responses to Racism
This website shares sacred texts that denounce racism from multiple faith traditions.
True Justice: Bryan Stevenson's Fight for Equality
This documentary follows a lawyer's journey to condemn the U.S. criminal justice system for...
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