ENERGY STAR® Action Workbook for Congregations

Environmental Protection Agency, February 2014. Accessed April 14, 2017.

In this free government publication, congregational facility managers will find useful information and practical guidance for improved energy efficiency. The 46-page PDF is full of tips and tools that help with the wide range of tasks involved in a building retrofit. These include assessment, project management, how to choose a contractor, and more. Major areas of a facility’s energy use such as lighting, heating/cooling, and water are considered one at a time, with presenting issues, suggested upgrades, and advice on product selection. There is a special section addressing unique considerations related to sanctuary space. Occasional insets offer information tidbits and ideas. Throughout there are links to dozens of additional tools and sources. While the phrase ENERGY STAR in the title might seem to suggest a focus on appliances, anyone looking for actionable assistance on conserving energy in all aspects of a facility’s energy use will appreciate this helpful guide. A companion publication, The Energy Star Workbook for Congregations Appendices, provides easy-to-use forms and instructions for carrying out cost assessments in key areas such as lighting and heating systems, office and kitchen equipment. A step-by-step guide to setting up an online Portfolio Manager account enables the congregation to track energy use over time. Throughout, there are resource recommendations with links to further help. This free document can be downloaded at {{ |}}.