Quaker Aging Resources: Providing Spirit-Centered Resources and Information

Philadelphia Yearly Meeting. Accessed November 26, 2018.
Large quaker aging resources

The New York and Philadelphia Yearly Meetings of Friends (Quakers) developed a set of resources to help Meetings (Quaker congregations) address issues faced by older adults. This website provides access to those downloadable resources. Pamphlets, articles, reading lists, and links address issues such as Aging at Home, Emotional Care, Meaningful Retirement, Memory Loss and Dementia, Spirituality and Aging, Financial Matters, Housing, Physical Health, and Death and Dying. Each brief article posted raises the question of the role of the congregation in helping seniors face their challenges. Although written by and for Quakers, these resources have value to a broad spectrum of faith traditions. They can be used in group discussions or made available to individual seniors in your congregation.

Curated by Marsha McDaniel

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