This Servant PC management software offers a low-cost and straightforward interface to track giving and attendance, create custom reports, and communicate with members.


on premises and cloud versions available, profiles, group communication, custom reports, contribution and attendance tracking, online giving, mobile app, video demos, training

Best For

congregations looking to balance cost and functionality, especially those comfortable with Christ-centered language


free trial; license fee and monthly subscription; fees for additional users

Suggested Uses

  • If you’ re not a Christian congregation, determine if you could use this software by examining its functionality and your member management needs.
  • Determine if this software is right for you by watching the video demos, using the free 30-day trial, and considering the training options.

About the Contributor
Aaron Spiegel

Aaron Spiegel directs the Center for Congregations’ information and technology initiatives, including the Congregational Resource Guide. He is an author, rabbi and president of the Synagogue Studies Institute.

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