The Baptist Start Page: Church Relocation

Accessed November 30, 2017.
Large baptist church relocation

Leaders will find a rich assortment of resources from technical to adaptive at this go-to site, curated by pastor and author, Derek Gentle. The 31-day devotional, “Going Places with God,” doubles as a congregational discernment guide. Articles in a variety of categories cover the waterfront, from simple space assessment tools to how to present relocation to the congregation. There is even a series of articles on alternatives to relocation, including a thought-provoking summary chart called, “If Relocation is Not an Option”. Links to related sources are posted throughout. Much of the material on this site is compiled into the “Relocation Manual for Pastors and Leaders”, also downloadable from the site. Not just for Baptists, this resource can be of use to any congregation that wants to take a strategic approach. All materials posted to the Baptist Start Page are available free of charge.