Zeal for God's House: An Architect's Reflections on Sacred Space

by Henry Hardinge Menzies. January 2012. Accessed November 30, 2017.
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Professional architect and speaker Henry Hardinge Menzies’ design work has concentrated on church renovations and building projects, leading him to these reflections on the role and importance of architecture, “place,” and “sacred space” in human life and in relationship to God. This article is thoughtful and reflective, yet it is also practical. Menzies asks questions about how God’s presence is experienced and the purpose of a religious community’s facilities. Menzies believes that “beauty” is a reflection of God’s essence and laments its absence in much recent church architecture. Ultimately Menzies gives congregations much to ponder and discern: their own faith, their own sense of the divine, and their understanding of what makes a place sacred and how sacred space is defined. Although any congregation considering building can find this article helpful, much of the language is Christian and that may be a hindrance to those from other faith traditions.

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