Vanderbloemen Search Group

Houston, TX. (713) 300-9665.

Vanderbloemen Search Group focuses on making employment matches between applicants and appropriate position openings in church and religiously-oriented organizations. Vanderbloemen advertises openings for traditional clergy positions, such as senior and associate pastors, or children or youth ministers, as well as para-church organizations and religiously affiliated groups, such as World Vision. Most congregational ministry openings are for independent, non-denominational churches. Applicants can send their resumes electronically via the website. Vanderbloemen’s other services include consulting with staff about future planning, structure, and reorganization; assistance with pastor succession (planned or unplanned); and a context-specific review of staff compensation packages. Finally, Vanderbloemen offers users a free e-newsletter and free access to their blog that covers different subjects, such as finances, self-care, and working with volunteers. Interested parties can search the website free-of-charge for open positions. Christians will be most comfortable with the advertised positions and the website.