Volunteering and Its Surprising Benefits: Helping Others While Helping Yourself

by Joanna Saisan. HelpGuide.org. Accessed July 2, 2019.
Large volunteering

Congregational ministry requires volunteers. If you are looking for a resource to help you promote volunteerism, then this article is for you. Four benefits of volunteering are explored in this article, and each benefit has several sub-categories. Benefit number one, for example, says that volunteering helps build relationships with others. Sub-categories include adding new people and experiences to your life, deepening relational and social skills, and developing communal ties. The other three benefits address how volunteering 1) impacts your physical and mental well-being, 2) helps your career, and 3) adds “fun and fulfillment to your life.” The article also helps readers begin to discern where to volunteer and how to get started. This secular article is for a variety of faith traditions and could be distributed and discussed with volunteer recruiters, board members, and lay-leaders who sometimes need to sell the idea of volunteering in their religious communities.

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