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LifelongFaith Associates
This organization helps congregations develop sustainable faith formation with modern discipleship tools for the whole congregation.
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The Second Mountain: The Quest for a Moral Life
This book describes four elements that make life fulfilling so readers can live joyful, integrated lives.
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Spirituality and Practice
This web resource, Spirituality and Practice, was created to celebrate and support the axis of all world religions and spiritual paths - the intersection of spirituality and practice.
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Center for Stewardship Leaders
This website includes Luther Seminary’ s extensive online database of stewardship resources.
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The Clearness Committee: A Communal Approach to Discernment in Retreats
This article describes the Quaker practice "clearness committee" and instructs the reader in how to conduct this meeting for the purpose of discerning an important decision or resolving a dilemma.
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Integral Spiritual Intelligence: 21 Skills in 4 Quadrants
This article defines Spiritual Intelligence and classifies the skills and behaviors of Spiritual Intelligence into four quadrants.
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The Choice: The Christ-Centered Pursuit of Kingdom Outcomes
This resource proposes ways to grow and develop in ministry that are shaped by the gospel and the life of the church, rather than reflect modern culture and values.
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Transforming Stewardship
This resource analyzes the strengths and shortcomings of traditional stewardship patterns to propose a new model to join the church with God's movement in the world.
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The Steward Leader: Transforming People, Organizations and Communities
This resource provides a way for leaders to see everything they do as a stewardship of God's resources.
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We Make a Life By What We Give
This collection of essays offers a distinctive approach to generosity through reflections from a variety of perspectives.
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