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Your Congregation's Culture
Curator Kate White
Congregational Leadership Development
Curator Kate White
Relationships in Ministry
Curator Kate White
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How We Gather
This 22-page report helps readers understand how younger generations meet in community.
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The Color of Church: A Biblical and Practical Paradigm for Multiracial Churches
Drawing from the author's experience leading a multiracial church, this book looks at the state of racial relationships within the United States before zooming into the church, and offering advice on how congregations can overcome obstacles to become more diverse.
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Youth Specialties
With more than 50 years of youth ministry experience, this organization hosts the annual National Youth Workers Convention (NYWC) and produces resources for youth leaders.
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Theology Crawl
This online guide can be used to facilitate difficult conversations about faith and life.
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Something More
This visually-engaging report highlights 10 innovative faith communities to spark conversation about transforming religion in America. It was written as a follow up to How We Gather .
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Quietly Courageous: Leading the Church in a Changing World
This book calls for new leadership skills and non-linear change for congregations to navigate the rapidly changing culture in America.
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Faith Formation 2020: Designing the Future of Faith Formation
This resource presents diverse ways to look at the future of faith formation, highlighting strategies for bringing faith to life.
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Reaching People Under 30 while Keeping People Over 60: Creating Community Across Generations
This book speaks to the intergenerational gap and offers suggestions for bridging divides using the biblical example of Jesus and Paul, who invited all to participate.
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The Missional Church in Perspective: Mapping Trends and Shaping the Conversation
This book examines the multitude of definitions for the term "missional" before offering its own definition based within a biblical and theological context.
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American Religion: Contemporary Trends
This resource summarizes survey findings to provide a broad overview of trends in American religion.
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